Web scraping and data matching at scale for the FMCG & Retail sector

The web is an amazing data source. Use our solutions to acquire the data your business needs and monitor the competition. Benefit from our technology to match and turn this data into insights.

Graphee Hero
Graphee Hero

Turn websites into data with scalable & reliable web scraping.

We have over 400 scraping bots that monitor 4 000 000 URLs every day all over the world. We can handle different types of protection, from the lightest to the heaviest. Every day we monitor pages from websites with cloudflare, stackpass, imperva, datadome, perimeterx and many many others types of protection.

Furthermore, we collect and digitalise to SKU level over 4 000 PDFs of promotion leaflets every month. It means that you can have access to over half of millions promotion every month from the FMCG & Retail sector.

We can provide data in many possible formats, like JSON, XLS, CSV, Images or PDF and deliver it on your FTP or via an API. We can customise any output format according to your needs.